January 21, 2019
By: Tom Meikrantz
 The Colonial and Schuylkill Leagues recently made it official that they’re joining forces to create a football scheduling cooperative (NOT a merger) to cut down on mismatches the result of 5A teams playing 2A teams. We’ve seen these kind of 63-7, 50-0  scores more frequently in recent years and it’s not as much fun knowing before you watch one of these or cover one of these who will win and win big. They were keeping fans away well.

   League officials and school athletic directors are all in on this plan involving 28 teams which bunches the bigger schools together and the smaller schools together by district classification in a four-division set-up that takes effect in 2020. Leveling the playing field is the mojo here and some of the AD”s who I talked to from the Colonial League shrug off the added travel time for away games to Schuylkill League schools. Palisades AD Brian Gilbert notes that Palisades is the most southernmost school in the Colonial League and already has long trips to Palmerton and Bangor and vice versa. 

   They determined that 44 % of Colonial League games between big schools and small schools were considered blow-outs. The smiling faces and excitement were evident at the big announcement January 17th at Blue Mountain Ski Resort which means they’ve thought this through and are confident this is the change that is needed to reduce the number of games Colonial League president Bryan Geist of Northern Lehigh says isn’t fair to the 5A schools and isn’t fair to the 2A schools. Let’s hope they get the desired results and the support from the fans.