January 16, 2018
By: Doug Heater

On the weekend of January 5th and 6th, for the third straight winter, the PPL Center hosted Indoor auto racing, with the Three Quarter midgets highlighting both nights. For the past two years I have wanted to go, but scheduling just wouldn’t allow it. So earlier this month I finally got the chance. Now I have been a racing fan, mostly dirt racing, since I was five years old. I went weekly to Flemington Speedway in New Jersey, and of course occasionally went to the Nazareth half mile, and even to Reading before it closed. 

    This however was my first experience with indoor auto racing. I was really surprised, and pleased with just how entertaining it was. I never thought that on a track that tight, there would be much passing, but I was wrong. On Saturday, the TQ midgets were joined by Slingshots, full bodied cars that resemble a dirt modified, but obviously much smaller.  Even they put on a great show. Plenty of qualifying heats to set the field for the features, with it being a real battle to just get into the show. 

Other than the methanol getting to most of the fans by nights end, it really was a great night of racing. The show kept moving along the entire time, with nearly 4 straight hours of racing to keep everyone entertained. Looking forward to next season, I mean heck, it’s hard to wait for the summer racing to begin, when you have to do it during the long cold winter’s here in the Lehigh Valley.