January 11, 2018
By: Erica Rose
Anytime Liberty and Bethlehem Catholic go up against each other on the mats you know it’s going to be an intense night, given the history. Well despite the dominating victory by the Golden Hawks, last night was no different. It was a VERY loud, VERY packed house that would get quieter and quieter as the match went on. Not because the bouts were blowouts, but because it was Bethlehem Catholic who continued to find a way to win, despite the inexperience in the line up. The Golden Hawks won 7 of 8 bouts decided by four points or fewer.  
The night began at 152 where Matt Arciuolo came away with the 15-6 major decision. Becahi Head Coach Jeff Karam felt this really set the tone for the night. Another key match that impacted the night was at 195 when senior Robert Spezza defeated previously unbeaten, and a previous state qualifier Damen Moyer 7-3. Spezza was a JV District Champion a year ago and the win earned him the William Vitez Outstanding Wrestler Award. 
The controversy of the night came at 220 when Liberty sent out a female wrestler, knowing that Bethlehem Catholic is not allowed to wrestle a girl.  The match actually started as (Jeff) Karam did not realize his brother (Jody) sent out a female. Nate Andrew quickly put her on her back, however it was out of bounds and that is when officials realized what was going on forcing Andrew to forfeit. Jody Karam was quoted saying he was surprised they stopped the match, and his brother (Jeff) is on record saying his brother (Jody) knows they cannot wrestle a girl, so he doesn’t know why he would send her out. I am neutral however I will say this; the Hurricanes scorekeepers told me prior to the match that Becahi couldn’t wrestle a girl, so clearly he knew. The forfeit earned Liberty the first win of the night, which is why in my opinion they did it. The Hurricanes would get one more at 113, however the night was over at that point as the Golden Hawks took care of business at home, against their rival 41.0-9.0.