February 20, 2018
By: Erica Rose

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down with Ryan and Kyle Young from Bethlehem Catholic. The duo has been leaving their mark on the court this year, i.e. combining for 30 points and 24 rebounds in the EPC Championship Friday night. But as loud as their performance is on the court, they are definitely more of a quiet set. I always wish I had a sister, someone I could share things with, confide in, and have as a teammate. I envy what these two have, and as a junior and senior in high school they won’t even realize how special this time is until they are older.  

This is the first time they’ve had the opportunity to play significant minutes together at Beca, and they have been enjoying it. It has also brought out a competitive nature at practice (something I’m sure all siblings can relate to) but that has only made them stronger on the court. Standing nearly 7 foot tall, the two definitely stand out (especially to someone like me, who barely hits 5 feet!) But, unfortunately for them one year is all they will get as Ryan will head to Northwestern next year and Kyle made it clear he thinks it would be more fun to play against him rather then join him as a Wildcat.  

I realize the season is nearly over, however the Golden Hawks still have a shot at making a run in both Districts and States. So all I can say is: take it all in, enjoy this time, and treasure the memories.