February 15, 2018
By: Gwen Begley
In my twenty-something years, I have never had an “official” valentine. Some may think of it as sad, but it suits me just fine. This year, that all changed thanks to the best minor league baseball team in America, The Lehigh Valley IronPigs. In a promotion for Valentines day, the team allows fans to buy “Pork-O-Grams” where the greatest mascot of all time, Hambone, delivers you flowers. 
Once this came to my attention, I sprung into action on social media, and by sprung into action, I basically harassed the IronPigs twitter and Instagram. Bless their hearts, because they listened!
On the Friday before Valentines day, I was going about my usual business of anchoring Lehigh Valley Sports Scene, when I see the door open to the studio. At first, I was angry that someone was bursting in knowing full well that we were in the middle of filming, and then BOOM! In walks the love of my life, Hambone. I have to say, I am pretty impressed with myself for not crying, because I do not do well with surprises, no matter how silly they may be.
It was awesome, and I sincerely thank the IronPigs and my producer for making this happen! Happy valentines day to all, especially my forever valentine, Hambone.