February 13, 2018
By: Cassie Schmidt
Well, the playoffs are here! The most exciting time of the year. Coaches, players, families and fans have all awaited this time of the year. This is when all of the hard work throughout the season and even before the season is all worth it. Those early hours of working out in the offseason, the beginning of the season practices and hard fought games and it all comes down to a few games, or one depending on what side you come out on.

As a former athlete and now sports reporter, this is what I live for! I know everything that athletes do to their bodies, the extra hours they put in to get better, the battles they go through mentally to withstand the regular season. But when it's time for playoffs, there is a new kind of energy in the air. No one wants to lose and go home and call it a season, everyone wants to keep playing until the very last game of the season. As a sports reporter, I have been on the outsiders perspective of it all. I have been able to see both the heartbreak and the triumph. I've been able to witness the upsets and feel like I was apart of the team for the entire season. It is definitely very cool to be able to report on the playoffs because this when everyone lays everything they have left out on that court (mat, pool, etc.) 

Anything it possible during playoff season and you can never count anybody out. You also can't afford to have an off night anymore. You have to go out and fight like this is the last game of the season. And when you make it to a championship the pride and joy you feel is like no other.