February 09, 2018
By: Steve Degler

As I was watching the replay of the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl victory parade last night, two things came to mind.

First, as cool as it would have been to witness it in person, I'm glad I didn't. Too cold. Too many people. Where to park? How to get downtown? How to get home? Philadelphia is an Eagles city and the fans turned out to show their support for their championship team. The amount of people was incredible. But much nicer to watch at home for me.

The second thing that crossed my mind was seeing how much the players, coaches and front office understand how huge this win was for the Delaware Valley. There were 51 Super Bowls played before the Birds finally claimed their first Vince Lombardi Trophy. It's not as long as Red Sox and Cubs fans waited, but it's a long time. I've rooted for the Eagles my entire life and I wasn't sure I would ever see this happen.

It was pretty neat to see the players with their phones out, recording the fans, both at the airport on Monday and yesterday during the parade. They totally get what it means to the city. The team is a reflection of the Philly attitude and fan base. Work hard and don't make excuses. If a player gets hurt, and the Eagles had plenty of that, someone get in there and get the job done. Not many teams could have lost key players like the Eagles did and still claim a championship.

The newest Mummer (Jason Kelce) went a little overboard, making Chase Utley look like a well behaved guy. But the passion in his speech, I mean rant, was pretty clear. Not surprisingly, Carson Wentz received one of the biggest ovations at the art museum. It was also nice to see many former Eagles, guys who couldn't win the big one, invited back to enjoy the moment.

Everyone talked about this being the start of a big run and how they want to do this again and again. Of course they do, but life isn't that easy in the NFL. Who knows what next season will hold? There will be another team or two out there that no one expects to do a thing but will suddenly become a Super Bowl challenger. I'd like to see another parade (or two) but I will enjoy this one. What an amazing season.

It was a pretty perfect day if you're an Eagles fan. Pretty perfect...now if only Rocky had shown up on the steps...then we're talking perfect! But I'll take it!!