December 21, 2017
By: Gwen Begley
I have met a lot of people throughout my life. Some are more impactful than others, and some I wish I had never met. Then there are those who make you so incredibly proud to know.

Last year, my best friend moved to Rochester, NY to pursue the next chapter in her career in the sports broadcasting world. Thanks to her, I met a girl named Jenna Cottrell who is a sports reporter for the ABC affiliate in Rochester. 

Last January, it was discovered that Jenna had stage four Hodgkin lymphoma. She is 25 years old. 

To the outside world, she kept about her business. Worked her normal hours give or take a couple days off after treatments, and when I say work, this girl lugged around a camera on the sidelines of Buffalo Bills games along with countless other shoots. Not a single person but her close family and friends knew that off the camera she was fighting a battle too often lost by so many.

A battle, that by the grace of God, Jenna did end up winning. 

Surgery, scans and 12 rounds of chemo later, she is finally cancer free. Its people like Jenna that inspire me to never take my health for granted, and to always be compassionate for others no matter what they present on the surface. 

Here is a link to learn more about Hodgkin Lymphoma and ways that you can help people like Jenna continue to live out their dreams.