December 08, 2017
By: Steve Degler

The Lehigh women's basketball team held its eighth annual education game Wednesday morning at Stabler Arena. Area elementary and middle school students were invited to watch the Mountain Hawks host the NJIT Highlanders.

An enthusiastic crowd of 4,009 saw Lehigh defeat NJIT 64-50.

It was my first experience with this game. What a great atmosphere. The kids were absolutely great. They cheered every Lehigh basket during warm-ups. As the clocked ticked down to tip-off, the youngsters counted down from ten. They sang and danced along with the pregame music. They were totally into the event. What made the scene even better was to see the Mountain Hawks players joining in the fun. There was a constant buzz at Stabler.

After struggling a bit in the first half, Lehigh took control in the third quarter. Quinci Mann led the Mountain Hawks with 15 points while Gena Grundhoffer added 12. Lehigh improved to 6-4 with the win.

The Lehigh athletics staff did a great job keeping the students engaged in the event. Dozens of t-shirts and mini-basketballs made their way into the stands. I saw kids eating hot dogs at 10:30. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Including me!! 

I had heard quite a bit about the game. The warning was it is going to be loud with thousands of students in attendance. And it was. But that's a good thing. Congratulations to Lehigh Head Coach Sue Troyan and everyone at Lehigh for putting together this fantastic event. I hope to be there again next year.