December 15, 2017
By: Doug Heater

  It is finally upon us! Wrestling season is here and with it comes just as much excitement and anticipation as years past. Maybe slightly less with the regular season dual meet schedules just not what they used to be, but never the less, we are still anxious to get this thing going.

  The biggest question going into the season is always, who is going to be the top dog in the District? Sure, there is the usual suspects again. Bethlehem Catholic, Nazareth, Easton and maybe even Northampton, this year. But who is the best? Looking at the Golden Hawks lineup, there is more weak spots than in the past few years sure, but they always seem to fill those spots vacated by talent, with more talent. With the Hawks not wrestling Easton or Nazareth during the regular season, we will have to wait until the EPC tournament and then District Duals to find out.

  What about the Blue Eagles? They opened up their season with a win in the Cumberland Valley tournament. They will get their first test Thursday Dec. 21 against Easton, who most feel will be much better in Jamar Billman’s second season leading the Rovers. How about Northampton? Great talent coming up from the Junior High ranks, a team that placed first in last season’s Dist. XI Junior High tournament, plus all the returning talent, including 2-time state champ Julian Chlebove. They now seem to have some experience and stability in the upper weights, an area where they struggled over the past few seasons. 

  As far as some of the other teams go. Liberty won the Boyertown Duals, Freedom will be tested against the Rovers, and how about first year coaches at Parkland and Emmaus? Mike Ottinger and Nick LaFevre respectively. How will they do? All this won’t be answered in the first month, but come the first week in January, we will have a pretty good idea who the contenders are, and who are the one’s just waiting in the wings. 

 Looking forward to a few good weeks of competition, before the holiday break.