December 27, 2018
By: Erica Rose
Anyone who plays a team sport knows that it takes more than one person to win.  Sure, it’s possible to grab a few victories on the shoulder of one athlete, but no one is winning a championship alone – even LeBron James knows that.  

So, for the past few years, the Desales women’s basketball team has nearly won their conference championship, finishing as the runner-up.  But this year could be their year.  From what I've seen, the odds are in their favor to win it all.  Why? Because they have the talent, the hustle, and they play as a team.  There is no one player who thinks they are better than the rest.  Sure, Leandra Sterner is the clear standout on the team.  But she has so much talent around her, including Morgan Birmelin.   Birmelin, who at times can be over-looked, is one of the best playmakers around.  Last week, in the Bulldogs' triumphant win over Muhlenberg, Birmelin left her mark in the record books becoming the second player in team history to reach 500 career assists.  Just think of how unselfish of a player that makes her, because she has the talent as a shooter as well.  With 10 assists in the win, the Bulldogs looked quite impressive achieving their game goal as well.  Prior to each matchup the Bulldogs set the goal of scoring more than 15 points a quarter, while holding their opponents to under 15.  Well not only did they accomplish this task, but they did so in EVERY SINGLE QUARTER handing the Mules their first loss of the season by a score of 85-44.  Along with her 10 assists, Birmelin put up six points, three steals, and a block in the contest.

Head Coach Fred Richter, as I've said before, is a great coach.  He gets these women to buy into the system.  Each and every one of them.  In fact, every player that suited up in last week's game got in the scoring column.  Defensively, the Bulldogs forced 25 turnovers on the night, and never allowed the Mules to play their game.