December 05, 2018
By: Erica Rose
I know it's still very early in December, but I must admit I am already in the Christmas mindset (and have been for a few weeks now!). Since we’ve had a few nice days, we already have our lights up outside and we already got our Christmas tree! Our house is fully decorated and our kids put all the decorations on as soon as they woke up in the morning!  My son remembers to move the nose on the snowman one day closer, each morning as well.

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas time. I probably sound like a bit of a dork saying this, but I enjoy spending my Saturday nights relaxing and watching Hallmark Christmas movies.  However, having children has put a whole new perspective on things.   The other night we went to this amazing house that has probably 200 different lawn ornaments and decorations everywhere you can imagine.  In the tree, on the house, their entire lawn is covered and watching the way our children looked at this display makes you realize how magical this season truly is.

Yesterday, we took the train to Philadelphia to walk around the Christmas Village, and see Santa.  And today we got our holiday pictures.  It has been such an enjoyable time and we still have a few weeks to go (and I have plenty more planned!). I hope that everyone is enjoying this holiday season with their family and friends.