August 21, 2018
By: Dan Fremuth
I’ve obviously attended MusikFest before. Who in the Lehigh Valley hasn’t? But those experiences had always been as a fan. Recently, I enjoyed my first MusikFest on the working side of things with Service Electric. And while it was a different experience to be sure, it was certainly no less enjoyable.

First, I need to give endless kudos to the production team at Service Electric. There’s no harder working or more talented group of people in the industry. We were able to provide over 200 hours of live MusikFest 2018 coverage over an 11-day period plus countless hours of additional content through our overnight coverage thanks to the tireless efforts of these individuals. From lighting to cameras to audio to the technical wizards in our three live remote trucks - the product they produced absolutely blew me away.

It was also extremely enjoyable to work in a more casual environment with some of our tremendous on-air talent. I was fortunate to work seven nights with Laura McHugh from the United Way and three additional nights with my dear friend Kristi Fulkerson and it was a fun change of pace to chat about music, food, community and all the other wonderful offerings at MusikFest while taking a little respite from sports. Huge props to the entirety of our on-air team.

Thanks to Mother Nature for cooperating as well, at least for the most part.

In being there for the entirety of MusikFest, I also gained a newfound respect for the hard-working folks at ArtsQuest. After 35 years, they have MusikFest down to a well-oiled machine and for a 10-day, outdoor music festival spread across 16 stages and 57 acres, that’s no small feat.

Some highlights of MusikFest 2018 for me included: discovering new music (Kat Wright, Ruen Brothers and Nalani & Sarina stand out), seeing great party bands like The Aardvarks and Rubix Cube live person and, of course, the food (thank you, in particular, Baby Blues BBQ, Chick’n Cone, Take-A-Taco, Heaven on a Bun, and Bethlehem Dairy Store).

Yes, MusikFest made for a long and grinding 11 days for our crew but I thoroughly enjoyed my first working MusikFest and look forward to more of the same next year!