August 14, 2018
By: Erica Rose

  Musikfest comes around every year, and each year it’s a major success. Normally, I am on the other side of things, but being on maternity leave allowed me the opportunity to take in a show as a fan. I’ve wanted to see Dierks Bentley in concert for a few summers now, but just haven’t had the opportunity. So when I saw he was coming to Musikfest I knew this was my opportunity! Dierks was one of the performers on the main stage at Steel Stacks (a venue I highly recommend!) We were fortunate to get tickets in the pit and boy were they something!  We were SO close! I felt like a teenage girl again, filled with excitement! Lanco opened for Dierks, and I didn’t know more than their two hit songs, but I really enjoyed everything I heard. They definitely did their job by getting fans excited for the main act.

  A roar of fans chanting his name greeted Dierks when he took the stage around 8:15.  He opened with “The Mountain/I hold on.”  I must say I loved his concert from start to finish.  He played all his hit songs, which had the fans even more into the show.  He was electric on stage with so much energy. My only disappointment was when the concert came to an end, which in my opinion was a little too soon. There were no breaks, but he was only on the stage for a little more than an hour. He ended by coming out as a pilot for one of his most popular songs “Drunk on a Plane.” Overall I would definitely see him again and if you are a fan of Dierks I highly suggest seeing him in concert. Just be prepared for a short show.