August 30, 2018
By: Dan Fremuth
High school football kicked off last week. The college season begins this weekend. And the NFL gets underway next week. The football season is officially upon us.

And while I’m certainly not the world’s most knowledgable football person nor am I on the Doug Heater level of football fandom, I do love me some football. Here are a few quick thoughts, feelings and observations heading into football season.

- I had forgotten how much fun high school football games are. The bands, the student section, the youthful abandon, the school spirit. They’re just plain fun.

- I’m a big fan of Fantasy Football. I don’t do deep dives into statistics or anything crazy but it’s a phenomenal way to stay current on what’s going on across the NFL. Plus, you can’t put a price on the bragging rights over friends and family.

- Speaking of keeping up with the entirety of the NFL… NFL Red Zone is quite possibly the world’s greatest invention since air conditioning. Just saying.

- I’m not a huge college football follower but I’m completely and utterly fascinated by the four-team playoff and the endless debates that ensue when the first playoff rankings are revealed later in the season.

- I honestly don’t care if the Philadelphia Eagles go 0-16 this season. They won the stinking Super Bowl last year so I’m good for at least another 12-18 months. Go Birds!