August 17, 2018
By: Steve Degler

Tuesday was a special night in Baseballtown. It was the annual hall of fame induction ceremony. Only one player was enshrined this year, but he is a big one (literally and figuratively). And the large crowd's response to Ryan Howard's appearance back in Reading is something that won't be forgotten for a long time.

I have had the great pleasure on being the emcee for Baseballtown Hall of Fame Night for many years. The fans are always appreciative of the players who are getting plaques. But this year was different. It was a much bigger crowd than in previous years and they were a very enthusiastic bunch. Howard received a standing ovation when he came onto the field, well before the actual ceremony began.

As I was reading through Howard's long list of career accomplishments, the crowd interrupted several times with thunderous applause. It was an awesome moment. Howard was truly honored and humbled by the honor and by the adulation from the fans.

As Howard walked to the microphone to address his adoring fans, he asked me "How do I top all this?"

I told him that he would be just fine. It really wasn't going to matter much what he said. And he delivered a great speech off the cuff. The fact that he was there was all that mattered to those in attendance.

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