April 10, 2018
By: Jenna Kovalsky
Everyone has a different way of celebrating the beginning of Spring. Some people do as little as packing away their scarves and gloves and some people do it big and head up to Blue Mountain for the annual Pond Skim. When I say "do it big" I mean they DO IT BIG! Hundreds of people cheer on the participants in hopes they'll be one of the few to make it across the pond instead of falling into the freezing cold water! There was people tailgating, handing out jello-shots, they weren't messing around!

 Now lets talk about the completely rational people who decided to dress up in a crazy costumes strap on their skis or snowboards and test their luck with hopes of making it over. Pond skimming has become so popular that there are more ski lodges that don't have a pond skimming contests then those that do. For a first timer like me, you look at these people going down a mountain on a board  in 35 degree weather with a high chance of being submerged under freezing cold water, you think they're nuts! But after seeing everyone cheering one another on and the crowd it draws, you think "Hey maybe they're not so crazy after-all." 

Although their was quite a few who made it over, there were more people who headed into the water. As they came out of the water, they looked like icicles. (remember how cold is was Sunday afternoon). Whether they succeeded or not, everyone got a loud cheer just for participating. Everyone had a smile on their face and whether it was because they know spring is REALLY approaching or because someone in a banana costume just face planted into the water, it was a good day.