April 05, 2018
By: Meghan Caffrey

    I was struggling earlier today in finding inspiration for a blog topic. I already missed my opportunity to write about the Wildcats winning another National Championship (I’m looking at you Deggs!) and just couldn’t really get into any other topics I was reading about on Twitter. 

    But then a tweet from @TheMasters caught my eye. I watched as Jack Nicklaus’ grandson, and caddie for the Masters Par 3 Contest, GT, took a shot on the ninth hole… and aced it. I watched as an emotional and proud grandpa cheered on his 15-year-old grandson, and shared a special moment together on the ninth hole of Augusta National. 

I was instantly reminded of my very own special moments that I’ve shared with my grandpa and my dad as we’ve stood on the sidelines of my brothers’ baseball games and sister’s soccer matches, and sat next to one another watching the New York Giants. Yes, maybe the context is a little different, but I was, more importantly, reminded of the enjoyment sports brings into our lives. Whether you’re watching your favorite football team win their first ever Super Bowl with your grandpa who’s waited his whole life for that moment. Or you look over to the sidelines and see your mom jumping up and down trying to control herself just a little to get a steady IPhone video after you scored the game winning buzzer beater to propel your team to the state playoffs. Or your team just lost in the championship game, and your entire family is there in the stands to support you bring you up after your storybook season came to a heartbreaking end.    

 There is simply something that is so unique about the bonds that we create with one another over sports, and I’m grateful every day to be a part of these little moments.