April 11, 2018
By: Erica Rose

Last night the Emmaus boys volleyball team, won their sixth straight EPC match this season. Something you think the team would be celebrating about. But, that was not the case. After the match I talked to Head Coach Ken Dunkle and he was anything but pleased. He started off the interview saying that the team made it harder on themselves. 51 unforced errors, that’s how many errors the Green Hornets had last night. Now I’m not a guru on the game of volleyball, but I am knowledgeable enough to know that 51 errors would not make any coach happy.  

This brought me back to my playing days, I understand a coach has a lot more to consider and worry about, but when I was an athlete I would always get annoyed that our coach could not focus on the positives at least for the day. I mean after all we DID just win!

So while the Green Hornets are going to have a rough day at practice today, let me point out a few positives from last night, besides the win. When the team was put in an uncomfortable situation, Dunkle never had to call a time out. The team was able to work through it on the court, something they pride themselves on being able to do.  Another big factor was the fact that the Green Hornets were playing without their starting setter Cam Parsons who was suffering from food poisoning. Mitchell Shoemaker was a game time decision due to injury, but he came in and played very well. Finally, the team did have several positive moments, as they were able to put together little runs to build open leads in the 2nd and 3rd set. Sweeping a talented Nazareth team is to nothing to apologize for.