April 26, 2018
By: Jenna Kovalsky
Yesterday morning I was lucky enough to attend the 2018 Colonial Academic All-Star Breakfast. Let me just say this....we have a lot of talented kids in the Valley. ALOT. 26 students were recognized for excelling in both academics and athletics. For those of you that've played sports in school, you know how hard it is to make sure your grades are just as good. These students set such high goals at the beginning of high school and it did more than pay off. Zachary Long, a senior baseball player at Northern Lehigh, is graduating 16th in the class with a 4.39 GPA. He is attending Penn State University in the fall and majoring in Actuary Science. After talking to Zach, he told me it was one of his childhood dreams to be able to attend Penn State and the fact it's actually happening is a dream come true. Maxwell Allanson-Dundon from Palisades has a 3.93 GPA and is attending Muhlenberg College to study Law or Musical Theater and play football. He was the lead star in Palisades school musical and I think thats absolutely awesome. A football/musical star....sound familiar High school Musical fans?!? There are first generation students that want to give back to there parents for everything that they have done for them. It's refreshing to see our youth so driven and talented.I would name everyone from the breakfast and all of their accomplishments but I don't think we have room on our website to fit it all! If these students are the feature, then I think our world is going to be just fine.