April 06, 2018
By: Gwen Begley

Well baseball season is officially upon us and not only am I excited to see how the Phillies organization does, I am even more excited for the ballpark food and nobody does it better than the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. For over a week now the club has been teasing and taunting us with mouth watering photos of the new offerings they will have for our taste buds this upcoming season. Since I like to consider myself an expert on eating my weight in food at IronPigs games, I would like to break down their 13 new menu items ranked from worst to best.

Coming in at No.13:
Fish ‘n’ Chips, crispy beer battered Alaskan cod served with fresh cut French fries and creamy tartar sauce.


This is a nope for me, primarily because I do not eat fish and it's disgusting.

No. 12: Pork Barrels:
Oversized and locally sourced pork-u-lent pork shank in sweet BBQ sauce.


I am sure this is absolutely delicious, but this is baseball. I need my food to be mobile and I feel like this is way larger than it needs to be. Even if you are sitting comfortably in the club section, this would take a good thirty minutes to eat and you could have missed a couple runs by then.

No. 11: Chimichurri Pork Skewers:
Two quarter-pound pork-u-lent kababs served with fresh tangy chimichurri sauce and fresh-cut locally sourced French fries.


I am not saying I wouldn’t love this, but there are other new menu items that I would like better. I have never had chimichurri sauce but it sounds delicious. Also, who doesn’t love meat on a stick?

No. 10 and 9:
Grilled Chicken Salad and Grilled Steak Salad – both with French fries.

I decided to clump the two salads together, because they are salads. Not just any salads, but salads with fries on them! Fries on anything automatically makes it awesome. Bravo IronPigs.

No. 8: Dutchy Dog:
A jumbo all-beef hot dog topped with creamy real mash potatoes and sauerkraut served on a Kaiser role


Hot dogs are my favorite food ever (yes, really). I bet it would taste amazing with mashed potatoes, but I am not a fan of sauerkraut. I am a bit of a hot dog purist, but this is definitely something I would be interested in.

No. 7: Pork Roll Burger:
A 1/3 pound all beef burger topped with thick sliced pork roll and fried egg on a Kaiser roll.

The savory taste of the burger mixed with the sweetness of the pork roll could be a match made in heaven. I can see this being a pretty popular item among people who want more than one type of meat at a Pigs game!

No. 6: Country Fried Pork Sandwich:
A giant hand-breaded local pork shoulder cutlet with sautéed caramelized onions, cheddar jack cheese, and creamy chipotle mayo.

Everything tastes better when its fried. This sandwhich sounds absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to try it this season (if it ever gets warm enough to go) Between the sautéed caramelized onions and the chipotle mayo, this is literally heaven on a bun and I am here for it.

No. 5: Pork Roll Breakfast Sandwich:
Thick sliced local pork roll and bacon, fried egg, and American cheese on a Kaiser roll.

This sandwich will be absolutely key for those day games after a nice night out with your friends. Overload on some pork, have a nice beverage, and you’re all set!

No. 4: Pickle on a Stick:
A whole jumbo dill pickle!!

Whoever thought of this, needs a promotion. I love pickles with all my heart and now the IronPigs have made it easily accessible on a stick! I can now walk around blissfully eating a pickle at a baseball game. Dreams really do come true.

No. 3: Mac & Cheese Pork Nachos: 
Cheddar cheese tortilla chips topped with mac & cheese and BBQ pulled pork.

I will destroy these nachos this summer. You can never have enough cheese!!!

No. 2 and No.1: Deep fried cookie dough, and deep fried cheesecake.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The IronPigs hit it out of the park with this one, pun intended. These are absolutely disgusting and I will take five orders of each.

As always, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs rule the minor league world, and with these new food options, they are dominating the majors as well. Hopefully they have their forklifts ready, because that will be the only way ill be able to get out of the park.