April 04, 2018
By: Cassie Schmidt
   November 4th, 2011 - I was a junior at Whitehall high school at a Friday night football game. Not just any Friday night football game, the last game of the regular season and against our biggest rival: Parkland. As always with any big rivalry game there is an excitement and rush in the air, but that feeling is not one that lasted very long. For me, it was a night I don't find easy to forget, but for Logan Kreglow it is one he will NEVER forget. 
   Kreglow, a Whitehall senior receiver at the time just going out to play a game, maybe even more anticiapted for as a player. It was only a few plays into the game when Nick Shafnisky (Whitehall QB) would throw a pass to Logan, dashing up the sideline looking for a first down, when Logan would catch the ball but would come down on his knee in probably the worst way possible. He would hyper-extend his knee, tearing all of the tendons in his hamstring and calf, 3 of the 4 ligaments in his knee and fracture his fibula, as well as his meniscus flipping completely over. Now you don't need to be a medical professional to know that all of those things, especially happening all at once, is absolutey not a good thing. At first, no one really knew the extent of the injury unless you were Logan, the trainers and a few players on the sideline. As a spectator we started to realize how bad when 15 minutes or so would go by and Logan hadn't moved and an ambulance would soon arrive. Logan and his family went to the hospital that night and even the doctors were uncertain whether or not he was even going to keep his leg. With more tests and scans the doctors finally had the positive news that he would not be losing his leg and a full recovery was possible. Those words alone was all Logan needed as motivation to come back and better than ever. 
   Logan's high school athletic careeer was over but would go to Cornell University as a track and field decathlete. He would have so much success at Cornell and says that he was just happy and thankful to even be running again and the success was just an added bonus. After graduation, as most "retired athletes" are, he became restless and not content with just working out or playing pickup basketball. So his next step? American Ninja Warrior. Why not right?! Logan would even admit at first he thought it "didn't seem that hard" just from watching it on TV, but with some research he would soon realize it was NOT as easy as it looks. Being a lifelong athlete, Logan knew what it took to work out and train for different sports, but this was a completely different animal. The training did come with a learning curve, but with more research, a few YouTube videos and Paramount Sports Complex in Hershey, PA he was able to make it work. Paramount Sports Complex is the one of very few gyms that have similar obstacle courses like the ones on American Ninja Warrior. When he can't get to that gym, he does mostly calisthenic workouts, pull ups and other body weight lifting. He also admits that he has decided to eat a lot healthier, another thing retired athletes realize, to lean out his body and make him lighter because the heavier you are the more weight you have to carry on those obstacles. 

   Last weekend I was able to do my sit down interview with Logan. We got to talk about everything from his injury, to Cornell and what his life is like now, training for ANW. After the interview was said and done, I got the opportunity to try the course out for myself. I too can attest to it being MUCH, MUCH harder than it looks. The ones that appeared easy at first glance were the hardest. The ones that seemed near impossible were not extremely difficult. Either way, that being said I still was only able to do 4 of the 10 or so obstacles. Going through the course and realizing first hand what it takes, the muscle groups being used and how much training I would need to do to even come close to Logan's point is pretty remarkable. Even just watching Logan go through it all, I have to admit it was quite mesmerizing. I give him all of the props in the world and even more so knowing everything he has gone through and conquered along the way to get to this point. 

   His story might be just as remarkable, especially when you know that his true goal out of this is to be able to show kids or athletes or anyone for that matter that even something as hard as practically losing a leg, you can still do what you want. You can conquer some of the hardest things in this world, even when you think you can't. "If someone tears their ACL and they see that I can comeback and do something like this, it might push them and show them that recovery IS possible". His main goal is just to inspire and if he gets picked for the show along the way, well that is pretty cool too. 

We all here at TV2 wish Logan the best of luck!! Go kick some American Ninja Warrior butt!