April 24, 2018
By: Erica Rose

Last night I had the opportunity to cover the Whitehall and Northampton boys volleyball teams. It was the first time that I had seen both squads, but judging by their records I figured that Whitehall would be the favorite as they sat at 9-1; 7-1 in the EPC. I’m not saying Northampton didn’t have a chance; after all they were 5-3 in the league. Both entered last night’s match on quite a roll, but it was not what I was expecting to see.  

Whitehall took the first set 25-20. However, it was the second and third set that really stuck out to me.  The two went point for point throughout most of the second. Why? Well the Zephyrs had 7 service errors in the set.  Every time it appeared they would go on top, an error would ruin it. They would overcome the obstacle and eventually take the second set, but the third would not be much better. Up 22-16, needing just 3 points to close out the night, the Zephyrs would become “complacent” allowing the K-Kids to go on a 7-2 run bringing the set within 1 at 24-23. Whitehall would finally get that point but to say that the team was not pleased with the win is an understatement. 

As soon as I went up to coach I asked if they keep track of unforced errors, and he goes “We sure do, and that’s definitely something we’re going to talk about.” The answer to my question was 34. 34 unforced errors, with 13 of those stemming from the serve. On a positive, a team who only has 1 senior on their roster was able to put all of their mistakes behind them and pull out the victory. The downside - we are more then midway through the season and Whitehall had that many mistakes.  

I used the word complacent earlier and that is because it’s the word that the team used when describing that final set. Head Coach George Cowitch HATES that word, but it’s one he seems to use often. “When you’re up by that much you need to put the game away,” he said after the victory. Fortunately the team did – this time.  However, his concern and it’s a logical one is that once the postseason comes they are not going to get away with these lapses.  

With all of that being said the Zephyrs are now 10-1 on the year, which tells me they just had one off game and will more then likely be one of the teams making a run in just a few weeks.