April 27, 2018
By: Erica Rose

It’s hard to believe it’s already that time of year for spring sports, I’m talking about the beginning of senior nights.  Last night I was at my first one when I was covering the Freedom/Easton girl’s lacrosse game.  Unfortunately for the black and yellow, their senior night did not go the way they had hoped.  

The Patriots found themselves in a 5-goal hole pretty much right off the bat.  The Red Rovers, who are 9-2 on the season, scored 5 goals in about 9 minutes.  Leading the way for the Red Rovers was a name that is all too familiar to the league – Hanna Doerner.  Doerner had 3 of the 5 goals.  However, the night was not just about her.  Seven different players got on the board, which is something the Rovers take pride in (as they should.)  It’s hard to beat a team when you can’t concentrate on just one player.  All of their attackers are a potential threat.  However, the offense wasn’t the only strength.  Most of their 16 goals happened in transition; whether it came from one of Rylee Soltis’s 14 saves or a forced turnover thanks to the defense.  Last night’s win was a complete team effort.  

As well as everything went for Easton last night there was one milestone I did not get to witness.  After Doerner’s 5th goal most of the starters were pulled from the game ending her night at a career 199.  I can’t blame the coach for taking her out as the Red Rovers were up by 7 at this point and the team still has 4 games remaining in the regular season (including one today) but it would have been nice to see and report on! 

The Red Rovers sit in first place of their division, and are playing really well right now – however one thing they emphasized to me was that they are never satisfied.  The team is still taking every game seriously and will not be happy until they bring home a championship.