April 18, 2019
By: Erica Rose
The first time I covered the Whitehall boy’s volleyball team, I have to admit I wasn't that impressed.  The boys struggled that night committing several unforced errors.  It was also the first and only set loss the team has suffered this season.  After that match the team was miserable.  They were not pleased with their performance and were not shy in saying it.  That was last time.  I was back at Whitehall last night as they took on Liberty, and the Zephyrs were very impressive.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect since they had just defeated Emmaus in their prior outing.  We see teams all the time have emotional let downs, but that was not the case last night; nor was the team concerned that it would be.  Liberty took Emmaus to 5 sets, so they were definitely going to be a contender.  Entering the night 7-2, the Hurricanes were in every set.  They even held the lead in each set, but the way the Zephyrs closed out, the first and second set in particular, was quite impressive.   

Tied at 16 in the first set the Zephyrs would use a 9-2 run to end it.  In the second set tied at 16, the Zephyrs would go on a 9-1 run.  The teams battled last night, and it was an entertaining match; but the way this team knows how to close out these sets when they need, to me, says they are 10-0 for a reason.

Overall, the team looked and played extremely well together.  They kept their composure, and worked their way out of jams when needed, without using timeouts.  The team credits their hard work at practice to all of their success.  And they will have to keep working hard as the post season quickly approaches.  While their record may be perfect, the team certainly is not.  Service errors are still a talking point for head coach George Cowitch, but in a way that is to be expected since they ask them to be aggressive with serve.  It’s an exciting time for the Zephyrs and it will be exciting to see how the season ends.