April 12, 2019
By: Erica Rose
It’s hard to believe the spring season is quickly coming to an end. Before we know it schools will be letting out and another year of covering sports will be in the books.  But, while the high schools and colleges start wrapping up, the little kids are just beginning.  This year, we signed my 4-year-old son up for Quickball, which is pretty much the same as T-ball, however, they try to keep things moving to keep the kids' attention.  Because let’s be honest – baseball is a very slow sport!  

So far, there have only been a few practices, but it’s been really cute.  They break the kids up into a few stations where they practice different hitting, throwing, and catching drills.  When I say drills, keep in mind these are kids ranging in age 4-6.  So a slow underhand throw for them to catch is one drill.  Having them throw the ball at a target on a large board is another, and letting them hit the ball and installing the concept that you run to first is another!  After this, the two teams play a 2-3-inning game.  The one major difference so far with quickball is the fact that the coaches pitch under hand to the players rather then have them hit off a tee.  

It’s been entertaining watching the kids.  As you can imagine some know what they are doing, some have no clue, and some have no care!  But, I give these coaches a lot of credit.  They have a lot of patience.  This past week Tommy received a new bat and ball so he’s been pretty excited about that.  He is one of the kids that does know what he is doing, which would be embarrassing if he didn’t considering both of his parents work in sports!  And let me tell you at age 4 he is already all business.  I try to tell him to have fun, but he takes all his sports very serious.

On a side note – my daughter Audrey was supposed to start her swim lessons this week, but decided to fracture the shaft of her left clavicle, so needless to say swim lessons aren't happening and her arm is in a sling for the next two weeks. 

Oh the joys of parenthood!