April 11, 2019
By: Erica Rose
It was an exciting night of boy’s lacrosse as fans had the opportunity to see a showdown between two powerhouse teams.  Central Catholic and Southern Lehigh took the field at Muhlenberg College last night and the two did not disappoint.  The 6-1 Vikings’ only loss came at the hands of Parkland.  They've defeated all other opponents by double digits.  The Spartans are playing just as well and had won 4 straight heading into last night.  

The night started with Central Catholic getting a goal called off and from that point, the Spartans took full control going on a 3-0 run and controlling possession for the majority of the quarter.  The Vikings ended the run nearly 9 minutes in, but let me tell you it was a physical game from the whistle, and the Spartans scored on the one-man advantage with 14.9 on the clock.  The second quarter was more of an equal match up.  Both the defenses and offenses played their part and after another quarter it was still the Spartans in the lead 6-5, despite the Vikings tying the game at 5.

I’m not sure what was said at half time, but in the second half the Vikings looked more like the team I saw before.  They settled down, made smart choices, and possessed the ball allowing the defense to get some rest.  After tying the game at 6 and 7 the Vikings finally took the lead at 8-7 and would extend it to 9-7.  But, this game was far from over.  The Spartans also tied the game at 9 and the quarter would end tied at 10.  In the 4th the Vikings seemed pretty set, still up by two goals with 1:45 remaining in the game.  But, the Spartans defense forced a turnover and capitalized, to bring the game within 1 with 26.5 on the clock, and then they recovered the faceoff giving them one last opportunity to score with 12.1.  However the Vikings defense came up huge, never allowing the Spartans to get off a shot.  

As much as I can talk about the game, it will never do it justice to just how exciting it truly was.  It could have been anyone’s game.   Both teams matched each other’s intensity and physicality.  Both teams have so much talent.  These two are going to meet up again in May and take my word; it’s going to be another good one.