October 11, 2017
By: Erica Rose

It is that time of year when schools will start having their Homecomings and that is on the mind of many. Including the athletes, who do not want to miss the festivities. The Emmaus girl’s soccer team will be playing on Saturday, the day of their Homecoming dance and the big question for them is when and where so they can make it. I understand as a high school senior, you don’t want to miss your final homecoming, but looking back is it more important than a playoff game? I’m guessing the answers will vary on this. As a coach though, how do you handle it? Sarah Oswald has chosen not to tell her team the game details. It also seems like we go through this every year, so should the league be more cognizant of this? I’m just curious on where people stand. Once being an 18 year-old student I understand where the girls are coming from, but now as an adult and looking at this from the coach’s perspective I think I would be annoyed at my teams priorities. The soccer team will be in attendance at their Homecoming, whether they know that yet or not, the question is what time their game will be. So I’m curious, what are your thoughts?