A Family Rivalry

May 18, 2017
By: Al Di Carlo

What’s better then a parent watching their son play for a championship. How about sibling parents watching their sons go head to head.

That was the case on Friday as cousins John Yurconic and Mason Groff went head to head in the District XI 2a Singles Championship.

What was even more special on this day is that their parents- siblings John and Monica Yurconic-Groff - were in the crowd watching along with the rest of their family.

It was more then 30 years ago, John in 1985, sister Monica in 1986, that both captured District Singles Championship.

On Friday at Winning Touch in Allentown, while the two cheered on their sons, they sat apart and even had a friendly exchange about a close call during the match.

The event brought together an entire family and the Salisbury community and will provide lasting memories for all that were present.