A Sports Reporter's Day Off

June 01, 2017
By: Gwen Begley
People always ask me why I wanted to become a sports reporter. The answer is obvious, I love sports. Most people take off or use their vacation days to completely escape their job. They don’t want to hear about it, think about it, or be around it. Me? I take off from my job of watching sports, to go and watch more sports. 

I visit a lot of sport venues in my line of work, but one of my goals this summer is to visit as many MLB ballparks as I can. Baseball has been a love of mine since I grew up watching the Phillies on the lap of Harry Kalas. Veterans stadium is still my favorite field of all time and I can still remember the smell, while unpleasant to many, I’m sure, it smells like home to me. 

Aside from The Vet (R.I.P.), I have visited PNC Park, Turner Field (R.I.P.), Citizens Bank Park, and most recently, Nationals Park and Fenway Park. Nationals Park was a great experience, partly because using the Metro is easier than any public transportation I have seen. I got to see my favorite player, Jayson Werth, and got to see the Nationals destroy the New York Mets 23 to 5. Not to mention Noah Syndergaards last start for who knows how long. 

Fenway Park was probably the coolest, solely based on the fact that it is the oldest MLB ballpark in the country. Parking is the absolute worst, but once you get to the actual stadium, the experience can’t be beat. There is this awesome street that they shut down on game days full of bars and restaurants and plenty of outdoor vendors. I went to Cask ‘n Flagon which seems to be the place to go for fans before a game. A fair weather baseball fan might not appreciate it, but the wooden seats, the giant poles blocking your view, and the friendly staff/fans was what made it my favorite so far this summer.

Next up? Yankee Stadium, Citi Field and Camden Yards!

Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium2