Liberty Grad Darrun Hilliard Involved in Blockbuster

July 10, 2017
By: Erica Rose

Well the big news over the past few days is that Chris Paul is now headed to Houston, to join the MVP runner up James Harden.  But what you may not know is that trade, left Liberty Grad and Villanova Alum, potentially without a team.  That’s right Darrun Hilliard was involved in the deal, basically for cash consideration (which is never a good sign.)

Hilliard, who was drafted 35th overall in 2015 by the Detroit Pistons, was sent to the Rockets for 1 day.  It later came out that he was acquired to be a part of a seven-player package for Paul.  So, Hilliard is now also headed to the Clippers.  However, his position is not a lock, despite having been drafted and seeing minimal minutes while being on the Pistons.  Instead Hilliard will have to shine in order to make the roster this fall.

**Things to Note**

Shooting Guard
Averaged 9.8 minutes, 3.3 PPG