The Life of a Working Mother

August 07, 2017
By: Erica Rose
Being a mother is the most rewarding job I could have ever imagined.  Yes it is very stressful, (especially since there are now two in the equation) it is exhausting, and there are days when I can’t wait to go to work; but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I’m very fortunate that I only work a few days a week, and I am also very fortunate that my husband works from home so we don’t need day care.  I don’t know how parents who need to send their children to day care do it! You’re working just to pay for that! For those of you out there who are not yet parent’s let me give you a little insight into the life of a working mother as I go through it.  Now, my story is a little different since I am part time, and work around my husband’s schedule, but it is still hectic!
We normally wake up anywhere between 6:30-8a.m. and there is no R&R in the morning, oh no we are raring to go! My almost three year old is currently OBSESSED with Monster Jam. That is all we watch. ALL WE WATCH. When we are not watching monster trucks, we are playing every sport in the book.  I guess he fits right in, considering both my husband and I work in sports!  Currently his favorite activity is “mark, set, go” as he calls it, which would be fine if there was a finish line! Oh and did I mention this is all before noon, on top of feeding and taking care of our 10 month old daughter! After we’ve built up an appetite for lunch, we are back at it.  On days I am off, I like to get them out of the house. But on days I work it can be hard.  Sometimes we are eating dinner (which I make) at 4:30 so I can leave for work at 5! And it’s not just walking out the door.  Oh no.  It’s mommy has to change my diaper, mommy where is this, mommy more milk (keep in mind, daddy is right there!) And let me tell you a secret, which I am sure other mothers will agree with.  Work is more like play, because nothing is as difficult as being a mother.  There are times, and I kid you not, that I LOOK FORWARD TO WORK.  It is a nice break, and I can have conversations with other adults! While at work, I cover my event, go back and edit, get home just in time to go to bed and wake up to do it all again! On my days off I try to blog, which happens at 10pm, because I cannot do any work when they are up.  The second I pull out my computer, my son is on my lap hitting keys! But let me tell you a little secret, I wouldn’t change a single thing.  My family is my entire world and as much as I need that break, they make every day worth getting up for!