August 16, 2017
By: Al Di Carlo

Musikfest 2017 is in the books and for the Freedom boys basketball team it’s been another year of success. That’s because Joe Stellato’s team used the 10-day festival as a way to volunteer and bring his team closer together.

This past week marked the 12th consecutive year the Patriots have helped out at Musikfest. The first five years the team helped set up chairs at the then main concert stage at Sand Island. Since then, over the past seven years, the Freedom boys had another task and that happened each morning prior to Musikfest getting underway.

Running from 8-11am every day, the team could be seen filling up and restocking all the soda needed on the North side of Musikfest. They began near Sand Island and covered 7 different tents, making sure there were enough cold beverages on hand for each particular day.

Stellato says, “I preach team work and not letting your teammates down and showing up to work hard and give back to the community.” He is excited to see this venture continue for years to come and thanks Musikfest for giving his team the opportunity to be a part of the August tradition.